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Spring Clean: Files

This spring cleaning project definitely wasn't the most glamorous of the tasks I wanted to complete this week, but it made a huge difference in the long run. My filing system is the first to go to hell when my life gets busy. I find myself just throwing important papers or receipts on top of the filing cabinet and never actually putting them away. Whenever I do finally sit down to file, I'm putting away things from months ago. Not a good habit to get into.

Whenever I spend time with my files I like to go through each of the tabs and see if the file is still important to keep. Things like taxes need to stick around a lot longer than other things, but papers from a class or flyers aren't necessary to keep a few months after their date of importance. I'll clear out those files and reuse them for new categories.

If I do happen to take the ten seconds to file something away, usually I don't put it in order in the file. So the next thing I'll do is go through the most important files (like bills and such) to make sure everything is in chronological order for ease in the future. 

Next I'll file everything that I've likely stacked on top of the filing cabinet. This step usually takes the longest because I'm trying to figure out exactly why I wanted to keep this in the first place, where to put it, and so on. The bottom drawer is home to a lot of school work and office supplies so I like to tidy this up and add any extra things that are lingering around the apartment. 

The filing cabinet is not my favorite place in the world to spend time with, but it's definitely an important one for the success of my personal financial life and my business. Having a good (and organized often) filing system makes things so much easier.

How do you store your files? Have you reorganized your filing system recently?

xoxo Kayla

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