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Spring Clean: Makeup Collection

I was quite excited to dive into my makeup collection as the final piece to my mini spring cleaning series. There were a lot of products I knew I was just not using and the bins could use a good cleaning. I didn't do a big clean out like I did a handful of months ago, but I poked around the drawers, reorganized where they were located, and took out everything I wasn't going to use. 

I'm quite proud that I managed to get all of my palettes back in the main drawer. For a while I had them in the drawer system that was next to my beauty desk. It was still convenient, but I wanted to be able to see them with the rest of my makeup collection.

In regards to what I got rid of, a lot of the items I already knew I just wasn't going to use, but some things (like the Maybelline Color Tattoos) I really had to talk to myself about. If I hadn't used them in a few months or had just too many to ever use, I decided to part with my least favorite ones.

I'm quite pleased with how everything looks now and I've already given a good deal of the to part with stash to my sister. I'm curious though what you all do with makeup you no longer want or just doesn't suit you?

That's it for my little spring cleaning series! Back to regular scheduled programming from here on out.

xoxo Kayla

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  1. This is definitely something I need to do! I think you did really well, parting with belongings is always challenging.


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