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Spring Clean: Planner Supplies

Although a fairly new section in my life, my planner supplies are one of the first to turn into a complete mess. I've known for a while that I desperately needed to give this tower of drawers a cleaning and get rid of a lot of things I no longer used or needed. I was pretty excited to start on this little project (unlike tomorrow's more daunting cleaning task) and I started from the top and just worked my way down.

The hardest part was parting with washi tape. My collection is just too big for me to ever use up. Just like I'm trying to keep my beauty stash in check, I had to part with washi tape that just wasn't getting enough attention. I ended up getting rid of about a third of the washi tape I own. I also sectioned off some of the tape to use for packing orders.

The rest of the drawers went fairly easy. I went bit by bit looking at everything in the drawer and really thinking about whether or not I needed it. I parted with a fair share of notepads that I knew were just taking up space I could be using for something else. I ended up consolidating the two sticker drawers into one, giving me space for a designated giveaway drawer for current and upcoming giveaways, and another for new goodies I want to talk about on YouTube or in a blog post.  

I think this was the biggest test of will power I went through during this spring cleaning series. I'm a sucker for all things stationary and craft related, but I much rather just have the things I know I'll use. I ended up with quite a lot of items I no longer want, so I thought I'd ask all of you what I should do with it all (last photo). Should I host a giveaway and split up the stash to a few winners? Let me know what you all think!

xoxo Kayla

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  1. A giveaway would be amazing - you have so much treasure! Im much the same but dont think I could bring myself to actually say good bye to anything. I am trying to use mine up in letters etc without buying too much new for a while!
    Laura |


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