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Spring Clean: Wardrobe

This week it's all about the spring cleaning. I've been felling the itch to tidy up my life for quite some time now, but the cold weather made me much rather hibernate. The first place I tacked this week was my wardrobe. I haven't gone through my clothing in ages and the closet was an absolute mess when I started. I took it a bit at a time and followed a short series of steps. First I took everything out of the closet and drawers and put it on the bed. That way I was looking at everything without missing any pieces that were shoved in the back of drawers. 

Next I began sorting everything into four piles: keep, trash, donate, and maybe. The maybe pile was for any clothing I just wasn't sure about and didn't want to get rid of just yet. This stuff I put in a box in the corner of the closet, and I told myself if I thought about any of the pieces in the box over the next few months, I would keep them (so far I can't even remember what I put in there). I went piece by piece through my wardrobe and it surprisingly wasn't difficult at all separating everything into their respected sections. 

After I was done I put all the keeps back in my closet and the drawers. I had about four full trash bags of clothing to donate or throw away. I felt an immediate sense of relief putting the clothing back into my closet. There was a substantially less amount, but I knew all the pieces returning to my wardrobe were ones I was definitely going to wear in the future.


Cleaning out my wardrobe was the first spring cleaning effort I made and it definitely had me wanting to do more almost immediately after I cleaned up the last piece of clothing. Stay tuned for the rest of this week's posts to see how I spring cleaned other stashes throughout my apartment.

Do you spring clean? Are there areas in your life you could spruce up?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I did this a few months ago - kinda an early spring cleaning? I just couldn't stand it any longer - and I couldn't believe all I got rid off! To Billy it didn't look like much but it was at least 60+ things and I could finally move hangers! Lol I need to do this still with my pants and skirts and such though! You are right, it does always feel so good to do - it's just getting started.

  2. I love having a clear out of clothes, I then sell all the items I don't want on eBay and earn myself a little bit of money.



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