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This Week's Most Loved #63

This may be the last This Week's Most Loved post around these parts for a minute as I'm in the process of switching things up in my content schedule. If you're shell-shocked and desperately want them in your life, let me know as I would hate to take away something so important to you (wink wink). I wish this possibly final post in this series was a little bit more glamorous, but sometimes favorites are just simple and to the point.

I always seem to forget about my LORAC Pro Palette. When I finally pull it out from between other more beloved palettes, it's an immediate reminder as to why I purchased it in the first place. The shade range is spot on, pigmentation insane, and just a great overall palette. Although I do love a good Naked palette, having one like this with the variety of colors is perfect. Sorry LORAC Pro. I'll try to pay more attention to you in the future.

Another product that I've had for quite a while but lost some serious appreciation for until recently is the Essence Match2Cover Cream Concealer. It comes with two shades to mix and match for the perfect coverage and boy is it creamy. The creamiest concealer I've tried yet covers so unbelievably well. I tend to use it around my nose and it works wonders. Plus it's so affordable. 

Although spring seems to be starting here in Michigan, my skin is still demanding some serious moisture. I've been using up a lot of my Bath and Body Works lotion collection and have moved on to "Into the Wild." This is a scent I'm not sure why I picked because it's so unlike me, but lately that's been just what I've been looking for. I'm feeling a makeup rut coming on and doing stuff outside my comfort zone is definitely on my to do list. Now I can't seem to find a good link for this particular musky, woodsy lotion, but Bath and Body Works is always coming out with something new and I'm sure quite similar...

I've more or less shunned foundations lately for no particular reason and my BB creams and tinted moisturizers have slid right in. The OFRA BB Cream is surprisingly good. I don't know why I didn't expect much from this product; the large amount of product probably had something to do with it. Yet it's the perfect amount of light coverage, moisture, and staying power. You can never judge a BB cream by its packaging...

What are your favorite products this week? Should I keep the TWML posts going or switch it up?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I've always wanted to try the Lorac palette and it looks like it has beautiful shades. I've been loving a cover girl blush this week as it just looks lovely on and gives a pretty pink glow to my cheeks.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. I adore the Lorac Pro Palette; it's got your back regardless what the event/look you need to create!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  3. The LORAC Pro is one of my most loved palettes! I live in the UK and so the brand is only available to me when I pop over the pond, but I'll be in Florida in two months time and I'm eager to pick up Pro 2 whilst I'm there.


  4. i really want to try out the essence concealer because i love so many of their products and it looks really good! i love TWML, genuinely one my favourite posts to read!!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  5. I absolutely love the LORAC Pro palette. It has been one of my favorite for what seems like YEARS!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’


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