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365 Days of Photos | Days 101-108

The 365 Days of Photos Project has been going on over on Microscope Life since the start of the year, but with the shift in blogging that I'm making the rest of the year is going to be housed here! Alex has been doing photography for years and has even completed a 365 project before, but this year has been seriously impressive. If you want to catch up on other weeks' photos, you can find them all here, but they'll be posted every Sunday for you all to enjoy! I really love the project because it not only showcases Alex's talents, but also is a glimpse into our lives through his eyes. 

This week is quite heavy on the Oh, Hello photos because it has consumed our lives more so than usual. We saw a huge jump in sales this week and have been working out asses off trying to keep up with the short shipping schedule we like to keep. Every second creating stickers with Alex is a blast and I'm so glad you all love them so much! We found some time to go get some Chinese food the other night which is where Alex snapped a shot of some sushi. 

Stay tuned for more 365 photos posts!

xoxo Kayla

[101] Containers of craft supplies [102] Glitter [103] Ink [104] Field near Target [105] Sushi [106] Order fulfilling desk for Oh, Hello [107] Designing stickers [108] Succulent

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