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5 Things for a Perfect Morning

There's nothing glamorous or fun about waking up early, but I feel like I've gotten the hang of it. Even on days off I find myself up with the sun and starting to enjoy being an early riser. I attribute a lot of these good morning vibes to the things I do as soon as I wake up to give myself the best start to the day.

  1. Not checking social media/emails until I'm in the office about forty minutes after I've woken up. Avoiding my love of social media for a while each morning really helps to just focus on myself. I can let my brain wake up slowly and think about the day for what it is. 
  2. Drinking lots of water as soon as I'm awake. There are a lot of health benefits to this, but I just feel so much better with a couple of glasses of water in my system before doing anything else.
  3. Setting my alarm early and hitting snooze a couple of times to slowly wake myself up. I hate alarm clocks (doesn't everyone?) so I've come up with a pretty ingenious way to wake myself up every morning. I set an alarm about 45 minutes before I wake up, and hit snooze in ten minute increments until it's time to wake up. That way I'm slowly waking up through having to hit snooze that by the time it's necessary to get up, it isn't from a dead sleep.
  4. Keeping the noise level down until I get to work. I'm naturally a quiet person and enjoy the sound of silence in the morning. Loud noises when I just wake up jar me and make me grumpy. I even turn my phone to vibrate so in the morning my alarm is vibrations rather than noise. There's just something about a quiet and peaceful start to the day that preps me for whatever comes next.
  5. Spending some time with my to do list to figure out exactly what I'm doing today. Before I check my email or do anything else, writing everything down on the list I started the night before helps to clear my mind and let me focus.

Growing up I swore I would never be a morning person, yet I find myself loving the quiet of the morning more and more. Our apartment is downtown so I like listening to the city wake up as Alex snoozes for a little bit longer beside me. There's something pleasant in the early mornings before I dash off to work. It's time just for me with a few pets for our cat Tardis too.

What do you do for a perfect morning?



  1. Love these! I am most productive in the morning, but I am horrible at waking up.

    I would also recommend getting those inexpensive light timers and setting them to turn your lights on about 10 minutes before you get up - it really helps me!

    Melissa | M is for Melissa

  2. I like spending some time in the morning mapping out my day as well!

  3. I'm awful - I check emails, social media, everything before I even get out of bed!! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog


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