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5 Things to Do Before Hitting Publish

5 Things to Do Before Hitting Publish

When you're practically a daily blogger like myself, you learn a solid method of creating and publishing content that works for you. You have to or the entire process is tedious and terrible. Through my nearly two years of (almost) daily blogging, there are a few things I've picked up that are musts before you hit that publish button.

  1. Name your photos in the properties section to make them more searchable. SEO is always a topic of conversation and one I don't worry myself over too much as I'm not trying to become a full time blogger, but naming your photos can really help you pop up in searches more. If you use blogger, all you have to do is click on the photo in the post composition window, go to properties, and type in your post title into the two boxes. There's a lot of science behind it that I'm not too savvy on, but I've noticed more views coming to the posts that I do this on.
  2. Do a once over and read the entire post. I've gotten into a terrible habit of writing the post ad letting the chips fall where they may without rereading. Depending on what time of day you write your posts, there's a good chance you may be writing gibberish. Giving it a once open can help locate errors and make sure everything makes sense.
  3. Prepare a promotion plan so your post will get the most traction. I always like to think about exactly how I want to promote a post before I hit publish. Sometimes what I decide I want to do will effect the post before I publish it. If I want to post it on Instagram, the way I set up the photo may need to change so it can fit in a square shape. Maybe I'm working on a post I really want to go on Pinterest. I'll need to switch up the style of writing to a list (like this) and/or make the photo more engaging for Pinterest users. 
  4. Ask yourself "so what?" You could easily write a post for post's sake, but taking a moment to ask yourself what the point of the post is can make your content more engaging to your readers. Why would your readers be interested in this post? What's its value? I believe all posts have a time and a place, but asking yourself this can help you to think about rewording a section or switching things up to make your post that much better received. 
  5. Appreciate your hard work for creating yet another blog post. Blogging consistently can be a lot of hard work, especially if you feel like you aren't getting everything out of your blog you were hoping for. Every post you publish should feel like an accomplishment, because it is. You're doing something you don't have to do because you like to do it. That's work a pat on the back.
Whether you're blogging for yourself or blog for a living, taking a moment to think about these five things before hitting publish can definitely improve your blogging game.

What do you do before hitting publish?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I always find mistakes if I hit publish so i

  2. Aw this is really lovely, I loved part 5! But I definitely agree with you, and I will have to make a bigger effort to name my photos! Love your blog :) xxx

  3. Great tips - especially the last one. I think us bloggers are always hitting Publish and onto the next thing...but it's nice to sit back and appreciate the work you've done. One thing I've been trying to do is promote older posts. Great posts shouldn't go forgotten :)

    xoxo - Kelly


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