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Favorite Nail Polishes

I fall in and out of love with nail polish on a daily basis. But when I am feeling the polish vibes, there are a few shades in particular I find myself gravitating more towards. I've never been one to pick polishes based on season, so I'd pop these on my nails any time of year.

Let's start in the back left. Essie's "Damsel in a Dress" first seemed a little too dark for me, but I couldn't pass up the metallic color changing nature. It's downright fabulous on the nails. When the light hits it blues mix with greens and silvers and purples. It's quite cool and I always get compliments for it.

Every time I reach for Essie's "Mojito Madness" I surprise myself as I always thought I wasn't one for green. This grass green polish screams spring and St. Patrick's Day to me so I'll obligingly wear it for the holiday. It seems almost matte on the nails though; a complete contrast from the "Damsel in a Dress."

Probably my favorite polish of all time is Essie's "Splash of Grenadine." It's the perfect combination of pink and purple that's eye catching, but not too in your face. I first saw Essiebutton talk about this and she's the only one to ever really convince me that I need a nail polish. This one definitely does not disappoint.

There's something about China Glaze's "Lemon Fizz" that I just can't escape from. It's canary yellow and the craziest polish I have in my collection. Yet it's incredibly flattering on the nails if I'm looking to mix things up.

I feel like I've been talking about Rimmel's "Hot Cocoa" a lot lately, but that maroon pink has just been calling to me. These polishes are definitely my favorite formula and their brush is the best I've tried. The colors are pigmented and you could easily get away with one coat. 

Finally Essie's "Vested Interest" is just a good old denim blue that you have to have in your collection. I'm not one for the bright royal blue nails, so this polish is flawless. It's also a color I rarely find in the nail polish world so I like its uniqueness. 

I'd love to hear your favorite brand of nail polish/favorite shades to wear! Be my enablers!

xoxo Kayla


  1. What great selections for the spring! I can see them all going pretty well with spring trends :) xx

    Brooke | brookewrote

  2. Essie is definitely my favourite brand of nail varnish. Splash of Grenedine looks beautiful!

    Leanne xx


  3. Mojito Madness & Splash of Grenadine are beautiful shades!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  4. Both of these hit the top of my favorites too!

  5. I received Splash of Grenadine as a birthday present and I'm so happy it's finally in my life! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog


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