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The Sample Bin of Shame

It's like I'm asking for punishment by posting this post today. I have this bin full of samples. It's quite a large bin of samples. And it just sits there. The crazy thing is that I love to get samples with Sephora orders, yet they go untouched in a box that's starting to overflow. I'm writing this post as kind of a, "get your crap together" motivational piece in an effort to start using a lot of these samples up. I just get so swept up in new full size products that I completely ignore the perfectly perfect samples in the bin!

So over the next few months I'm making the effort to take a crack at this bin and start using products up. I encourage you guys to do the same! First step is getting rid of anything expired, as I'm sure there are quite a few things at the bottom of this baby that need to go to the trash. Then we can band together in our efforts to work towards a minimalist life of less samples! Plus you all can motivate me to keep at it when I know I'll start slipping and ignoring the bin again.

Let's start using up samples!

xoxo Kayla


  1. Ooh I totally have an extra makeup bag overflowing with samples at the back of my drawer. Thanks for reminding me! I'm going to start using them up too :)
    Kelsey |

  2. Haha at least you're smart enough to put them In a bin! I find mine in all sorts of random locations! My makeup bag, in my bathroom toiletry baskets, everywhere hah

  3. Oh my gosh, I've had the same thoughts! I'm going hardcore with mine (mostly): I've decided to not buy new products if I have that type of a product as a sample. There are exceptions of course, but I think I'll stay true to it with things like leave-in conditioners, lotions, and mascara samples. Forcing myself to use them up!

  4. I love your approAch to minimalist living! I really need to stop hoarding samples too, but theyre just so darn satisfying xx

  5. I had a similar shame hidden in my wardrobe, I ended up binning the lot and the feeling of freedom was immense haha.

    Rosy |

  6. So.many.samples. Lols, I love to use them when I go away but I have quite the collection also so may as well start trying to use them up x


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