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This Week's Most Loved #64

I think I'm a little too excited about today's post. I've decided to return to doing This Week's Most Loved posts occasionally to give you all a glimpse into what I'm loving besides my monthly favorites. So let's hop into it!

MAC's "See Sheer" is back on my lips in full force as the weather is getting warmer. I love this color. It's such a unique shade of pink, red, and orange that always looks so flattering on the lips. I get more compliments over this baby than any other lip product.

The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara has really been wowing me lately. I liked it when I first used it, but now it seems like a whole new mascara. Maybe it just had to dry out a bit to become an amazing mascara force to be reckoned with. My lashes have never looked so long, but there's also that volume added that I crave. It's definitely one worth checking out.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of tinted moisturizers and BB creams, but there's something about spring and summer that make me go nutty over them. Right now I've been obsessed with theBalm's BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer but I'm sure I'll be switching back and forth between all of the ones I own. This one has a great consistency, just enough coverage to hide any redness or uneven skin, and lasts all day. 

Guys. My board game obsession is getting kind of out of hand. We've played so many different and exciting games over the past few weeks and I don't think it's going to let up any time soon. My best friend Lauren is also really into board games, so we've been trading games back and forth to play ones we haven't yet. Last night we tried out King of Tokyo. It's an interesting dice game with monsters trying to take over Tokyo. It was a good time, plus I won which is always nice!

What board games do you love to play? What are your favorites this week?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Omg I LOVE See Sheer! It's such a gorgeous colour for Spring!!! One of my favs this week is definitely L'oreal Infallible 24-hour matte foundation! It's perfect!

    Chrissy x

  2. The Maybelline mascara sounds perfect and I have heard so many great reviews on it! I can't wait for it to launch here. x


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