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1000 Days of Us


On Tuesday Alex and I celebrated our 1000th day together. Just short of three years with this crazy guy deserved to be celebrated! With the weather being rainy all day long, we decided to take the drive to a big mall a hour or so from us to wander around, do a bit of shopping, and just hang out with each other away from the sticker business. It was great just spending the day together and we topped it all off with a delicious dinner at The Melting Pot. 

Fondue might become our thing now as it was just so fun and incredibly good. We were there for a good three hours! And stop the presses guys because I ate my first ever salad. I've somehow managed to go nearly 23 years of my life avoiding salad like the plague, but today felt like the day to conquer my disgust and be a big kid. We're growing up so fast.

Thanks so much for all of the happy 1000th day wishes! We really appreciate it.


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