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365 Days of Photos: 116-121

Sorry for the late 365 post this week. If I don't catch Alex in the morning on Sundays it usually finds itself getting pushed back to sometime during Mondays. This past week was a blur. I had so many after work events to attend that I was coordinating and lots of new projects at work. Not to mention the launch of the June subscription (which sold out in a day you crazy animals!) and all things stickers and planners. Alex's photos don't capture the craziness of my week, and I oddly appreciate that. It feels so calm in these photos and I'm pleased I can remember the week like this rather than the crazy one that it was.

[116] Candy bowl [117] Apartment vines [118] Driving [119] My Little Pony figurines [120] Puerto Rico board game [121] Tree at night

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