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5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Layout

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Layout

It's around this time of year that I get tired of my blog's layout. I don't know what it is about the spring time that has me eager to switch things up and try something new. If you're getting that layout revamp itch, here are five ways to jazz up your layout.
  1. Revamp your sidebar with some of the widgets offered by blogger. Add one about popular posts, create categories with the labels on your posts for easier navigation. There are tons of options plus ways to add your own html coding.
  2. Check out Code it Pretty for tips and tutorials to add html coding to your blog. The top slideshow of images I learned how to do from Code it Pretty. She has tons of tutorials for all types of blogging platforms to achieve anything you want to do. She's also really good at getting back with you if you ever have questions or need help with something.
  3. Get Disqus for your comments. It's a much better comment system than the one offered through blogger. I love the fact that people can get emails when I respond to their comments. Before they would have to come back and check to see what I said. It's much easier to have conversations. It'll walk you through how to add the platform to your blog with some easy steps.
  4. Add YouTube videos to your sidebar if you're a Youtuber on top of blogging. It's super easy to pull the embed coding from the YouTube video and pop it into an html widget in the sidebar. Just make sure you adjust the height and width of the video to fit the dimensions of your sidebar!
  5. Add some color and mix things up. I personally love the look of my clean blog, but when I'm feeling crazy I'll update the header to include some seasonally appropriate decor. Contemplate throwing some more color into your blog with some bright pops in the sidebar.
If you're poking around in the layout of your blog just be careful. Nothing's worse than getting in too deep and not being able to revert back to how it originally was. These little tweaks are super easy to do and don't involve that much experience with coding. Plus they can easily be deleted without affecting the overall look of your blog. 

Let me know if you ever give any of these tips a shot! How do you jazz up your layout?

xoxo Kayla

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