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How to Juggle a Business, Blog, Graduate School, and a Full Time Job

I'm one of those do it all kind of people regardless of if I have the time or energy to. I love a busy schedule and pushing myself to do everything I want to accomplish. Running a business, posting on this blog daily, going to graduate school, and working a full time job definitely is a juggling act. But I've found some ways to do it all and still have time for board games.

  1. Plan, plan, plan everything and anything. My Erin Condren Life Planner literally plans my life. I recently started using a separate one to keep track of everything Oh, Hello, but my main planner contains everything I need to know on a daily basis. I plan out blog posts in the monthly spreads, work meetings, daily life tasks, and when deliveries are going to arrive. I spend time with my planner every day and even more time with it on Sundays preparing for the next week. I've made my planner a hobby, so I'm keeping track of everything while still relaxing with decorating it.
  2. Make certain days when you do certain tasks. I always know that Saturday is a day for filming, blog photo taking, and preparing for the week ahead. Sunday is the overflow day if there are more videos and things to do. Sundays are also when I post new releases for Oh, Hello. Having days that I know exactly what I do on that day makes it so easy not to be overwhelmed with what I want to accomplish. 
  3. Take advantage of every free minute to write up a blog post, finish the last bit of homework, or call your friends and family. I rarely spend time aimlessly wandering the internet. I spend those extra minutes in my day between work and grad school working on any small task, rather than waiting and having a huge to do list to do at the end of the week.
  4. Spread out your to do list over a number of days. My to do lists are never set in stone. I always like to make a master weekly one that I know needs to be accomplished before the week is over, but I never set a specific date (unless it needs one). That way if I'm just having a meh kind of day I know that I won't be too behind the next day.
  5. Schedule time for me time and friends in your planner. I always set aside some evenings for a few board games or a bath. It's not hard to carve out just one hour in a busy day to have a little social interaction or some time to turn off my brain. Just as long as it's not every single day it doesn't make a huge impact on my productivity.
  6. Do what works for you. At the end of the day what works for me may not work for you. Graduate school may take up a lot more of your time and you may have to take a break from your blog for a semester. That's completely fine if you feel like you're doing the best that you can do. I personally love feeling super busy, but that may cause you anxiety. But always push yourself to do a little bit more than you think you can handle, and you'll be happily surprised at how much you can accomplish.
I think it's safe to say that being busy is my favorite hobby. If I ever find myself with some downtime I'm already thinking of new projects to work on. It may be an addiction! If you put your mind to it and take the time to really schedule your days for optimal productivity, you can do everything you want and more!

xoxo Kayla

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