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International Beauty Box Swap with ChrissyLilly

I've never participated in a beauty box swap before and now I'm officially hooked. ChrissyLilly and I have become fast friends and we thought it would be the perfect idea to swap some beauty bits with each other! So we spent a while texting back and forth about brands and goodies we don't have that the other's country does and then we went shopping!

I couldn't be more ecstatic with all the goodies in my box. There was chocolate for days and a fun taste test between chips (the jury is still out on which one Alex and I prefer). But the beauty bits are of course my favorite. I've never tried Soap and Glory before and Chrissy definitely delivered. The Bourjois Velet lip products are freakin' amazing and the blush from Max Factor she popped in has been on my cheeks since the box arrived. 

What a fun way to experience some brands and goodies from another country while making it sort of like Christmas in May! I can't wait to do more of these in the future and you should definitely check out her blog and YouTube channel to see what I sent her!

Thanks again Chrissy!!

xoxo Kayla

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