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Plan with Me | Animals on Bikes Theme

Happy Wednesday and Happy Plan with Me Day! This week I went to a completely new color scheme and love how it turned out. I also used another one of my Michael's sticker books to snazz things up. When I saw the "Ride my Bike" sticker book I thought it was just silly enough to be perfect. Tons of animals riding bikes? That needs to go into my planner. I also feature this weekly set from KG Planner that inspired the entire weekly layout! 

I'm not crazy about the way the lighting turned out in this video and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect setup and lighting for these videos. There aren't tons of locations I can film these in my apartment so I have to get creative. Next week I'm switching things up even more and departing from the white table to see how that works out! I'm sure I'll find a good setup soon and we'll be set for the next hundred plan with me videos!

What's your planner spread this week?

xoxo Kayla

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