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365 Days of Photos 149-155

So blame me for the two missing photos. I accidentally deleted them from the camera like a goon, but I blame the fact I was jut too excited over my engagement that I got a little trigger happy to free up space. The photos were taken, but now they are lost to the world. Over the weekend Alex asked me to marry him!!! There's video footage and everything so this week I'm going to work on putting it all together, but the whole experience was just so surreal. I couldn't be more excited and eager to start the planning process! I'm definitely going to write blog posts all about the experience and everything that we go through in our year engagement to plan our wedding. I'm too excited for words.

xoxo Kayla

[149] Lost to the world [150] Lost to the world [151] Shower [152] Tardis [153] Shopkins [154] Planner [155] Engagement ring

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