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#AKBwedding: Erin Condren Wedding Planner & Venue Shopping

Erin Condren Wedding Planner & Wedding Venue Shopping

I've been engaged for almost two weeks now and boy have I been busy. Before we got engaged, Alex and I had talked a bit about what we'd like our wedding to be like, so after the shock of an amazing proposal wore off, we more or less just pushed play on our plans. 

On the night of our engagement as we snuggled in bed exhausted from a crazy day, I of course had to purchase the Erin Condren Wedding Planner before falling asleep. I had watched a lot of reviews for the planner and knew it was definitely something that could work for my planning style. It arrived the day before our first venue tours. Props to Erin Condren on that one.

A week after our engagement we woke up bright and early to meet up with my family to look at the first venue. Alex and I do not want to get married in a church, but rather want our ceremony and reception at the same location. Whenever we imagine our wedding there isn't a commute involved. So we are only looking at places that fit that criteria. Plus it'll cut down on limo and travel costs. Alex and I fell in love immediately when we walked into the first venue. It's a mansion-style house with lovely architecture and a style Alex and I felt at home with. Apparently swords on the wall and a chest of armor in the entrance is our style. We love the idea of having the ceremony under a gorgeous gazebo in the back yard and having the reception sprawl across a number of different rooms in the house. There's the dining room, library for the cake, coffee and desserts, bar room, and the dance room. It just feels more elegant in a way to have a reception not in one large room.

Our biggest concern with the venue is the fact that the dance floor isn't in view of the dining room. One of my favorite parts about attending a wedding is watching everyone dance and with this layout it's much harder to do. So we ended up calling the venue a few days later to ask how other weddings have handled the issue. There's a gorgeous patio right outside the large window of the dining room where the coordinator says most weddings have all their first dances. Now, I'm already paranoid about rain, but the coordinator seemed incredibly confident that everything would go swimmingly regardless of the weather. We took quite a few photos that I'll share if we end up deciding it's the right choice for us.

We visited two other venues that Saturday and none of them felt as right as the first. Tomorrow we have another tour at a venue very close to home just so we know we're making an informed decision if we go with the first one. But honestly it just feels right. It's not the cheapest of venues, but it still falls within our budget and most importantly it makes us feel special. Why have a wedding at all if it isn't going to be special?

Venue shopping is definitely stressful though. It's the first big decision to make if not the biggest throughout the entire planning process. At least we're flexible on a September 2016 date so all the venues so far have been able to accommodate what we're looking for. I can't imagine finding a venue we love and not being able to use it because of a date issue. I desperately want to decide on a place, get a date, and breathe a little easier knowing I have a clear idea of what venue I'm supposed to be daydreaming about when I think about my wedding.

I'm so excited to go through this process with Alex and have our families right alongside us giving advice and input. And thank you all for being so kind and loving as we start the wedding planning process! I love that I can share every step of the way with you.

xoxo Kayla

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