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#AKBwedding: Our Venue & Setting the Date

Without giving too much away, we picked our venue this week!! Alex and I were pretty much in agreement as soon as we saw the space that this is where we want to get married, but we didn't want to jump the gun and not research other locations first. We've been engaged for a few weeks now and things just seemed too easy. So we took it slow, sought out opinions of family and friends, toured other venues, but still couldn't get this one out of our heads.

I want to save photos of the reception area itself for the big event, but the outside ceremony space was just too gorgeous not to share. I never wanted an outdoor wedding, but I as soon as I stepped outside to see that cute little gazebo, I started to sing a different tune. I'm still terrified of a thunderstorm on our wedding day, but the coordinator assured us of their many back up plans just in case. 

The idea that when you see your venue you'll just know couldn't be more true. The problem is that we saw this place first, so we didn't know whether or not we were just excited about the prospect of if this place was the one. We went with our guts though and know it's going to be magical. *Checks 'find venue' off the to do list*

Better yet we even settled on a date. I thought picking a date would be difficult, but I didn't think it would be more difficult than the venue. Plus we already knew we wanted it in September of 2016. It got complicated when we found out that Fridays and Sundays are cheaper. Days that we weren't even considering became an option. We talked a lot about the date and finally settled on September 4, 2015. Although it's a Sunday (which posed a concern for travelling family), it's the day before Labor Day. So we'll be getting a Sunday price on a day that kind of acts like a second Saturday. It almost feels like it was meant to be.

Here's hoping this good luck wedding planning streak continues all the way up to the moment Alex and I leave the reception that night. I do see where people can say that wedding planning can be stressful, but Alex has taken an approach to it that puts me at ease. He wants it to be the most special day of our lives, so why not get the fancier venue, go a little more extravagant here or there, and enjoy doing the process together? That man. I tell ya. I think I'll marry him.

Until next time,

xoxo Kayla

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