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Our Proposal Story: Her Perspective

Saturday, June 6th started like any other weekend. I woke up early to get right to work filming a plan with me video and a planner update video for the following week. As I was trying to film, my cat Tardis was being unbelievably noisy. Quite irritable in the mornings in general, I quickly became annoyed with all the noise and nearly hollered at Alex when he went to open the apartment door for a package the FedEx man dropped off. I wrapped up my two videos and quickly hopped in the shower, knowing Alex was so excited to get to the next video I was filming that day since he was going to be in it.

The video was for a subscription he had won. He had entered a giveaway had a couple of months ago to win one of their new subscription boxes. Alex told me they were trying to build hype over their new venture and that he was randomly selected to get one. The package had arrived that morning (the one he noisy retrieved while I was trying to film and he was acting so nervous. He fretted over what to wear for the video and encouraged me to look nice. He seemed so eager to make the best video possible and even went to set up the camera and the lights while I was finishing getting ready.

After I had finished putting my makeup on and drying my hair, I came out into the living room to start the shoot. When I saw the video frame Alex had set up, I complained that it was much too zoomed out and no one would ever be able to see the items inside the box. We argued back and forth for a few minutes about how zoomed in the video should be and he begrudgingly zoomed it in a bit. I thought it strange he wanted us to be so far away. I let it go quickly and we started the video. This wasn't our first subscription unboxing together so when Alex rushed through explaining exactly what the subscription was, I stopped him and made him start over. This video seemed incredibly important to him and he had mentioned the possibility of Uncrate sharing it on their social media, so I wanted to make sure it was good.

He restarted and we got to the unboxing part without a hitch. I pulled open the box and Alex took the first item. There was a bunch of crinkly filler paper in the box that I wanted for another project, so I jumped up to grab a bag so it didn't go all over our floor. While I was grabbing the bag, Alex showed the camera the handkerchiefs and described them. When I got back to my seat, we cleaned up some of the mess we made and continued on to the next item. 

Alex pulled out a tee-shirt and turned towards me. I could make out some white text as he began opening the shirt in my direction which I found strange for Uncrate. To my knowledge they were a fancy man's website so a black shirt with some writing on it didn't seem their style. There wasn't enough time to really process the oddity of the situation as Alex stretched the shirt out on his chest for me to see. 

It said, "Will you marry me?"

"What the hell?!" erupted from my mouth before I could formulate a better response. 

"Everyone come in!" he yelled in the direction of our front door. Before I knew what was happening a flood of people stormed into our apartment. Friends and family filled up our living room in seconds and I immediately began crying. Alex got up from his chair to zoom the camera lens back out to fit everyone in the frame, and came back with a ring box.

He got down on one knee as I continued to cry and nervously asked, "Will you marry me?" I tried to say yes a few times and still don't think I ever truly proclaimed it, and he shakily put the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen on my finger to cheers from the audience.

The rest is a blur. People. Champagne. Hugs. Tears. His parents giving me a beautiful Pandora charm and asking if they could be my new parents. It was all a beautiful mess of emotions, crying, and so much love. The perfect proposal for a girl who is constantly suspicious. Alex couldn't have done a better job and I couldn't be happier.

I can't wait to plan the wedding of my dreams with the love of my life, but more than that I can't wait to start the rest of our lives together.

xoxo Kayla

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