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Summer Polishes

Summer polish picks

Now that I have a sold base/top coat combo in my life, nail polish has become a lot more appealing these days. Although I'm still rocking the shellac French manicure I quickly ran out to get as soon as I had the lovely ring on my finger, I've been eyeing up these summer polishes in my collection. I feel like spring and summer polishes have a way of overlapping in my collection. If it's a pastel or bright color, it's fair game once the snow melts. 

There always has to be a blue in any seasonal polish post I do. For summer I really like the pool blue of "Truth or Flare." It's one of those polishes that makes you look a little extra tan too. More on the spring side of this is Barry M's "In a Heart Beat" but I still think this coral pink won't look amiss in the warmer months. I love this formula and am bummed we don't have it in the US. I'll just have to keep making friends with my international pals and have them send some my way. 

Essie's "Mojito Madness" should be more aptly named "Grass Green," but that doesn't have the best ring to it. It's such a green shade while still being flattering on the nails. I don't wear it that often as I'm not usually a green polish girl, but when the mood strikes it's ready.

My favorite polish of all time quite possibly could be "Splash of Grenadine." It's this gorgeous combination of pink and purple that always looks so great on. It's a nail polish color that just makes me feel good and like I've got my shiz together. 

What polishes do you wear in the summer?

xoxo Kayla

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