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This Week's Most Loved #66

Anyone else have a crazy busy week this week? I'm excited to be in my birth month with the weather finally up to snuff, but work has been nuts lately and I've rarely had time to see the sun! In my spare time though I've still managed to test out some more products and fall in love with a base/top coat hybrid.

Up first is a product I got in my first Ipsy Glam Bag after a year's hiatus from the subscription. Oscar Blandi's Texture & Volume Spray is seriously impressive and I still can't get over the size that came in the subscription. It's one of those "messy hair day" in a bottle kinds of products that give you tousled mess while still looking put together. It smells really nice and lasts quite a while.

So I feel like a complete idiot for taking so long to finally commit to getting a base and top coat, but man does it make a difference. I opted for the Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat to save a bit of money and it works wonders. You apply a coat before the polish and another after to seal everything in for twice as long as just polish alone. I don't know what was wrong with me for not just buying a solid top coat sooner. My polish always chips in a matter of hours and this stuff made it last so much longer. A serious game changer for me. Let me know what your favorite base coats and top coats are because I'm definitely converted and want to try more!

For polish this week I've been wearing Essie's "Fashion Playground." It's a tricky formula to work with, but the color payoff and shade is worth it in my book. It's a gorgeous pastel blue that makes me look a whole lot more tan than I am which I appreciate.

If you watch my vlogs than you know just how obsessed I've been with Shopkins lately. Cute little kawaii household items like cake and laundry detergent? Sign me up! I've been building quite the collection of Season 2 Shopkins, but Season 3 just released. I've been scouring the stores in hopes of finding them, but so far no luck. I have spotted way more Shopkins Season 2 items in stores that usually don't have any though, so I'll just have to be patient!

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