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#AKBwedding: Asking Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

It's been quite the week for #AKBwedding progress and I'm excited to share what's been going on! On Tuesday I asked my last bridesmaid before asking my maid of honor on Thursday. I knew they were going to say yes, obviously, but it's still such a nerve racking experience regardless. It's such a relief to know that I have my four amazing bridesmaids (more info on them coming down the road) and can really start to focus on the dress shopping! 

Just yesterday my mom, sister (aka bridesmaid) and I went on what we called a dress reconnaissance mission to really figure out my style of dress. I had a few ideas going in which I found myself definitely gravitating towards. Of course I also had to try on every type of dress they had just for fun. It was amazing to see just how in sync my mom, sister, and I were in style and fit. We narrowed it down to three possible options, but have plans for another dress mission next weekend.

The most exciting part of the exhausting 30 dress trying day? I now know for certain that I'm going to have a veil. Dress after dress I put on not really feeling any of them completely. I haven't had the this is the one feeling until I put the first veil on. It suddenly felt real and right. So at the very least I know a veil is a must!

I can't wait to try on more dresses next weekend and hopefully come away with the dress that makes this whole experience feel that much more real than it already does!!

xoxo Kayla

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