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Drunk Plan with Me

Today is my last day at my full-time "real person" job and what better way to jump into the crazy world of self-employment by posting a video about getting drunk and planning? For a while now I've toyed around with the idea of taking my regular plan with me videos, and adding a twist to it, just to see what would happen. A few of my very best guy friends were up for the challenge and the date was set. 

Honestly the worst part about filming this video was the drinking. I'm not a big fan of it to begin with, but it was kind of a very vital part to the entire video. The guys were super helpful in the process and just hung out until we were good and ready to start. And I can't believe how much fun it was.

I loved seeing how the guys approached planning as they've definitely never done anything like this before. I knew Alex would have a rough go at it, but it was hilarious to see just how hard it was for him to plan out his thoughts and days. We're the exact opposite when it comes to planning and you an definitely see that. Chad seemed to really get on with it and Azmi was just there for the ride. 

I know this type of thing isn't for everyone and if you're at all hesitant about the entire thing, don't watch it. It's definitely not a get wasted and do stupid things on the internet type of video (we're adults and not underage idiots), but I can understand this not being everyone's cup of tea. I just really enjoyed spending time with the guys not talking about comic books for once. I had home court advantage and I think they were some really great sports about the whole thing.

Would you like to see more videos like this in the future?

xoxo Kayla

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