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Ipsy Glam Bag | June 2015

I swear every other month Ipsy is just meh. What is it about subscriptions that they can't just kill it every single month? Although I'm not over the moon about this month's "Swim into Beauty" Glambag, there are still a couple of products I really enjoyed. and thought I'd share with you all anyway!

I've always had a thing for OFRA products ever since I first discovered them thanks to Ipsy. The brand is one of those obscure yet awesome ones that definitely deserve a looksie. I love their eyeliners and was super excited to see a turquoise one. Blues are definitely not a color I gravitate towards in makeup, but whenever I get a blue eyeliner I feel like I'm about to start some serious experimentation and trying new things. It's creamy, long lasting, and a great all around eyeliner range.

The other product in the glam bag I was fairly jazzed over is the La Vanila Body Butter. I'm a sucker for body butters and hand creams so the more the merrier in my book. It smells delicious, is thick and creamy in a good way, and really hydrates the skin. Ticks all the boxes.

The rest of the products were just alright. I must admit I'm tired of constantly seeing the Smashbox Photo Finish primer as it's too silicon feeling for my tastes. I was excited to see a Formula X nail polish, but the color is just not my cup of tea. and the tre'StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon was just alright.

I'm definitely still going to stick with Ipsy, but there must be a theory or something out there that can explain why every other month just can't compare to the one before...

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? What did you think of your Glambag in June?

xoxo Kayla

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