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Plan with Me | Jungle Tales Theme

Anything that has animals on it is just going to be good. This week's Plan with Me spread turned out much better that I expected despite some serious rambling on my part. It's so easy to get yourself into a planner routine and rarely shake yourself from it, so I like to try and switch things up once in a while. A lot of my planning methods stay the same, but switching up a few things here or there can really change the feel and look of a spread! 

I've also been filming more on my lunch breaks rather than on the weekends since we've been so busy lately. I feel like I get a different result depending on what day I do my layouts. If they're on Sundays, it's all very casual and sparse, but Monday or Tuesday means I'm in getting into the thick of the week and the layouts or fuller with more things to do. Just an interesting thing I realized the other day that's neither here nor there...

What layout did you do this week? What do you think of mine?

xoxo Kayla

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