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Ipsy Glam Bag | August 2015

With the arrival of another dud of a glam bag, I'm saying goodbye to Ipsy once again.This run was definitely a lot shorter than my first go, but I'm just not interested in the lackluster products that keep getting sent my way. In the beginning Ipsy was a great way to explore the world of makeup that was so new and foreign to me. But now, two years later, I know what I like and enjoy using. Ipsy just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I would definitely recommend it for anyone just starting out and curious about beauty products as it really is a good deal for what you receive. But for us chumps who are getting stuck in their makeup ways, it's best to spend those hard earned dollars on stocking up on the expensive products we love.

So long Ipsy. It's been real.

xoxo Kayla
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Pipsticks Giveaway

Pipsticks is a monthly sticker subscription service that I've definitely fallen in love with. My love of stickers is obvious, but it's so fun to get a bunch of random mystery stickers every month. Although I wish the subscriptions would stick a little better to a theme each month, the variety and selection is so perfect and fun. It's really cool to explore brands I never knew about and try out a lot of different styles of stickers.

I wanted to share the love with one of you so I'm giving this month's pro pack subscription away! The giveaway will run for one week and is open internationally to anyone 18-years-old or with parental consent. Happy stickering!

xoxo Kayla
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Maple Holistics Shampoo & Conditioner

I'm the type of person that has holy grails. I never just settle for a product. I hunt until I find the perfect thing that checks all the boxes. Yet I love trying new things. But a new product has to beat that holy grail item in whatever category I'm testing out. Shampoo and conditioner are two categories I take very seriously, and have a holy grail product that just works for me. But does the Maple Holistics Argan Shampoo and Silk 18 Conditioner beat it for holy grail bragging rights?

What I love about the Maple Holistics line is how mom and pop they feel. I don't feel like I'm buying from a big box company who pumps out products and doesn't give a hoot about me. I feel like I could pick these products up at my local farmers' market. And that's pretty cool.

They lather well and make my hair feel clean and healthy after use. But the Argan Shampoo just smells too odd for me to use on a regular basis. It's just so strong and not my cup of tea. The conditioner on the other hand smells like the most delicious combination of vanilla and happiness. So good.

Although they're great products, they aren't holy grail overthrowers. I'm a creature of habit and no matter how lovely my experience was with these, I can't break my habit. They're definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for a new shampoo/conditioner, but I'll likely revisit them when my favorite shampoo runs out and I don't have time to get to the store.

Are you like me? Do you seek products that can overthrow your favorites?

xoxo Kayla
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Pure Romance #SummerofSkin

The awesome people over at Pure Romance were so kind as to send me an extra set of their #SummerofSkin line to give away to one of you awesome people! I'm still trying out all my goodies so I can't report back yet, but I didn't want the summer to pass by without giving you all the option to win some!

 The giveaway is open internationally for anyone over 18 (or with consent) and will run two weeks!

Good luck and thanks for being amazing!

xoxo Kayla
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Skincare Odds & Ends

Skincare is something I don't really think about too hard. I find products that work for me, and rarely stray from that path. Why mess with a good thing right? As I was rummaging through my stash one day I realized that these seven products needed a talking about. I've mentioned quite a few before and have excluded a few other favorites, but a re-hashing is always good. Let's get into it.

My favorite ways to remove, exfoliate, and clean my face are with the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, The Body Shop's Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish, the dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion Exfoliator, and the NUXE Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Makeup Removing Gel. I don't use these all in one go, but mixing and matching them provides little difference to my skin (a good sign that the products behave with my skin!). They all work super well together in any combination. They get my skin clean, remove my makeup, and get it ready for the next steps. I love that they're all different price ranges too so you'll be set picking up any one of them if you have similar normal to sensitive skin like me.

If I'm feeling crazy I'll through on a face mask before heading on to the final steps. I am still obsessed with the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. It's amazing at getting deep into more pores and cleaning out all the hard to reach gunk while being gentle enough on my weirdly sensitive cheeks. Plus it has this smell that always reminds me of my childhood. I have yet to pinpoint the exact memory, but it's pleasant regardless.

To wrap things up I either use the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask or the StriVectin Repair and Protect Moisturizer. The Origins offering is a thicker and hangs around on the skin longer, but packs some serious moisture and hydration. The StriVectin moisturizer is much better for everyday but still provides ample hydration. Thumbs up all around.

What products are in your skincare routine?

xoxo Kayla
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New Planner Bits

New planner bits are a common occurrence around these parts, but I felt the urge to share the most recent odds and ends as they're a bit more unique than the usual things.

I'm super excited for Sunday's new releases and thought a sneak peek was in order. A lot of awesome rainbow icon labels are headed to the shop and I can't wait to see how everyone uses there. I'm still obsessed with my blog post/YouTube duo and now I have even more to play with. There are currently six different sets being released, but a lot more coming down the pipes!

I finally got my metallic cover from Erin Condren after waiting over a month for the whole order to arrive. Mistakes were made in ordering this cover. I definitely wouldn't have if I would have known how much it would delay the rest of the order! It really is gorgeous though and I opted for my future initials rather than my current ones so I can keep using this cover after I officially change my name. Plus it makes me feel like I'm in school again scrawling my future name on a notebook or something.

I also got the new Erin Condren Coloring Book for Alex as I know he loves a good doodle session. Plus I can't resist a new Erin Condren product if my life depended on it. Something in me said I needed the Schedule Pad as well and it's so gorgeous in person. Plus it's HUGE. I'm really going to enjoy writing down notes really fast and using it for ideas throughout the week.

New planner goodies are my addiction! Have you picked up anything new recently?

xoxo Kayla
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Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation

Ever since I discovered the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, I've been hard pressed to find any other foundation I'm interested in wearing. When the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation landed on my doorstep thanks to Influenster, I thought I'd give it a shot just for the hell of it. I wasn't disappointed.

This foundation is quite unlike anything I've tried before. It blends in a lot quicker than most to leave a matte finish on the skin. It's one of those foundations that gets better throughout the day, something I can really appreciate. The color match was perfect and it covered redness and small blemishes with ease.

My biggest complaint? It's matte. I'm not a matte foundation girl by nature and I found myself just not liking the finish regardless of how nice it actually looked. If you're a matte finish girl you'll love this, but I started to combine a bit of the BareMinerals gem with it for the perfect dewy finish. 

I couldn't tell you if this transformed my skin like it claims to do on the packaging, but it is quite a lovely foundation with a great pump and solid packaging. Definitely worth a look at next time you find yourself in the makeup aisle.

Have you tried this foundation yet?

xoxo Kayla
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Desk Essentials

I'm well into my second week of self-employment and have settled quite nicely into the desk space Alex created for me in our living room. It's nothing fancy, just a corner table from IKEA, an Alex 9 Drawer, a shelf, and a Raskog cart (mostly for my planners). I've gotten quite cozy in my little space and wanted to share with you all my desk essentials.

At my old job, I used to drink water like crazy. It was a lot more difficult here in the first week as we can't drink the tap and have to lug water up the stairs weekly. We decided to become a legit work place and get water delivered to a water cooler we set up in our dining room. It's basically the greatest idea we've had in a while. Nice cool water just twenty steps away. This large pink cup is big so I get plenty of water, but the stray makes me feel like I'm not drinking as much as I actually am if that makes sense.

I also have a photo of us and my collection of My Little Pony figurines. These sat close to me at my other job and are kind of symbolic of my work place. Where they are is where I work. I feel like that's weird, but it was a bit to-do when I brought them home and placed them on this new desk. My vlogging camera is also close at hand as I vlog most days and don't want to keep having to pull the camera out every time I need it.

The self above the desk is definitely my favorite part about the entire set up. A little place to put all my trinkets and silly things. I have my growing collection of Season 3 Shopkins, some My Little Pony stuffed animals, and a few minions for good measure. This shelf always brightens my day and makes me so excited to be the quirky odd ball I am.

I also make sure to keep a sheet of the free downloadable file from my Oh, Hello Facebook Group. I like to use it to mark Oh, Hello related things in my planner, plus it's super pretty to look at. And we can't forget my two planners that are always out somewhere on my desk every day. My Erin Condren is for the bigger picture while I use the Day Designer for to do lists and day-to-day notes. I've really been enjoying my system and dare I say have found planner peace?

I'm sure my desk will change after a few months of work to be a bit more functional as Oh, Hello grows and changes, but right now it's my little piece of heaven.

xoxo Kayla

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ButterLONDON Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons

A round of applause for ButterLONDON on this one because these Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons are seriously impressive. I tend to be stuck in my Urban Decay and MAC ways when it comes to lip products, but these lip crayons are just too creamy, too pigmented, and too perfectly packaged to not fall madly in love with after the first swatch.

They all smell like mint and apply more like a gloss/lip crayon hybrid. You can definitely feel them on your lips, but not in a heavy or bad way. Over time they settle into a nice stain and fade evenly. I hate nothing more than a patchy fading lip product.

Left to Right: Tea with the Queen, Trout Pout, Disco Biscuit, Primrose Hill Picnic, Toff, Teddy Boy, Ruby Murray

These are definitely lip crayons to check out when you're browsing the interwebs. I still can't get over just how good they are. ButterLONDON may be a nail polish brand, but they make the makeup game look easy.

xoxo Kayla
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SexyBox Unboxing

Lingerie is the kind of elusive thing in the corner of the room that I've always been interested in, but too shy and goofy to really give it a looksie. Plus I really believe lingerie is something for adults in long-term committed relationships, all things I wasn't in. Only recently with wedding preparations have I started to think that maybe I should just poke around the lingerie sections. So when SexyBox contacted me to see if I would be interested in receiving one of their monthly packages, I felt like it was a sign to finally girl up and see what it was all about.

First off, I love a good subscription box. You get to sign up for a service with thing you know you're interested, but still get to be surprised with what's inside. SexyBox's prices are quite reasonable for something like lingerie (another reason I never really took the plunge to get myself anything). Yonu can use SexyKayla40 for $15 off the monthly option or Sexy3box for $20 a three month prepaid option just to see if you like it. Win, win in my book.

The piece I received is the perfect first lingerie kind of getup. It's not too extreme, it's black (yes please), and makes me feel like lingerie is supposed to, beautiful. It's definitely not something I'll be popping on every few days, but having something gorgeous and sexy in my closet makes me feel more confident.

I'm so glad I had the chance to try out SexyBox and get over some of my anxieties over lingerie. Definitely check it out!

xoxo Kayla
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The Best No Bake Cookies

The Best No Bake Cookies

There are very few things that I claim to be darn good at and making No Bake Cookies is one of them. There's just something about this recipe that makes the best no bakes I've ever had and it needed to be shared with you. The trick? It's all in the timing.

Makes about 24 cookies

  • 4 Cups Sugar
  • 2/3 Cups Cocoa
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 1 Stick Butter
  • 5 Cups Oatmeal
  • 1 Cut Peanut Butter (crunchy peanut butter is also really good)

  • Bring to a boil all ingredients except oatmeal and peanut butter.
  • Once to a full, rolling boil, boil for 2 minutes (I always set a stop watch. This is super important for the perfect no bake cookie)
  • After two minutes remove from heat, add oatmeal and peanut butter.
  • Stir well.
  • Drop onto wax paper till set.

Be sure to send me a photo on Twitter if you make these cookies!

xoxo Kayla

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Testing. Testing.

There have been quite a few new beauty bits joining my collection lately that a general overview post felt necessary. I feel like I go through waves of product droughts where there are no new products peeking my interest, and then a sudden flood of new goodies to test out and report back on. Here are my thoughts on the products I've been testing lately.

I won't go into too much detail about the ButterLondon Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons as there will be a full post coming shortly but dang are the downright amazing. Creamy, long lasting, amazingly pigmented, and the packaging is swoon worthy. Definitely worth checking out.

Although I'm one of the palest people I know, I thought I'd give Vita Liberata Luxury Tan a try. It's a lovely product, but I knew almost immediately that tanning products are not for me. I was clumsy, terrible at application, and wasn't a fan of how I felt/looked afterward. I'm sure people more skilled at this would love the product though.

A fun shampoo/conditioner combination I've been enjoying testing out is the Maple Holistics duo. I'm not sure if they're supposed to go together, but it's been fun to mix them for a really awesome shower experience. Another post for another date, but super fun to snazz up my shower routine.

The Christie Brinkley Instant Wrinkle Reducer and Treatment just isn't the product for me. There's nothing about it that makes me want to continue using it and I just did not get on with it. The packaging and presentation is lovely, but it stops there.

The newest member to the testing out squad is courtesy of Influenster. The Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation is another product that will be getting its own feature in a week or so, but I've been enjoying trying out different blending methods and testing out if it really does what it says on the package. I'll give the full report soon.

Lots of new products and a lot of different feelings towards them. What have you been testing out lately?

xoxo Kayla

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FOREO ISSA Electronic Toothbrush

When the FOREO ISSA Electronic Toothbrush landed on my doorstep I was a bit skeptical. I mean look at it. It doesn't really look like your average electronic toothbrush. The design is gorgeous, sleek, and makes me feel so much fancier every morning and evening when I do the not-so glamorous teeth brushing routine. It has different speeds and let's you know after two minutes are up. It's super high-tech and hella fancy.

Yet I didn't really feel like my teeth were getting cleaner. I definitely could tell that my gums were getting the cleaning the needed, but the rubber bristles just did not feel like they were getting a day's worth of grime off of my teeth. It wasn't a bath teeth brushing experience, but I just couldn't get the vibrating bristles to work for me. Maybe it's because I'm not an electronic toothbrush user and my inexperience couldn't let me experience the brush to the fullest. It's such a cool product that I desperately wanted it to be a holy grail in seconds.

It's a toothbrush before it's time and I'm sure more will start coming out looking just as amazingly fancy in the future. But for now, a regular ol' toothbrush is good enough for me.

xoxo Kayla
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The First Day

It's a little after two as I sit down to write this on my first day of being self-employed. And honestly, it doesn't feel that different from a regular day off of work. I'm tackling my to do list, rendering a video, and figuring out what late 90's computer game I want to play tonight (Putt-Putt most likely). Yet I know things are completely different. It hasn't sunk in yet that I won't be returning to work in my windowless, yet perfect little office at the university. I won't be toting a camera around to different campus events while scooping up some free food in the process. It's all different now. Today is the first day.

I'm happy in a way that I've never felt before, but also more anxious than ever. Being self-employed is the dream, yet it's also probably the scariest thing a person can do. You're reliant on yourself to make the big decisions, take the risks, and enjoy the rewards. I can't wait to see how this experience pushes me, changes me, and brings Alex and I closer together as we depend on each other to make our goals realities.

Today is the first day. The first day of sitting in my office/living room with my cat Tardis jumping on my desk as I sort stickers. The first day that's quiet, with only the faint sound of the cutters working away in the other room as Alex cuts stock. The first day where I won't be exhausted at 5pm knowing that I have a super long to do list to return home to. The first day that I can work on what truly makes me passionate, rather than dream about doing it when I finally get home. 

It's the first day. I want to remember it.

xoxo Kayla
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10,000 Subscribers Planning Giveaway

In celebration of getting 10,000 subscribers on YouTube I'm hosting two giveaways! My life is a combination of beauty and planning, so I wanted the giveaways to reflect that. This giveaway has a bunch of really awesome planner goodies, including the Erin Condren Cool for School Sticker Book, page flags, Darice sticker books, and so much more.

The giveaway will be open for one week and is international to everyone 18 years old or with parental consent. Thank you all so much for your constant support and good luck!

xoxo Kayla
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10,000 Subscribers Beauty Giveaway

In celebration of getting 10,000 subscribers on YouTube I'm hosting two giveaways! My life is a combination of beauty and planning, so I wanted the giveaways to reflect that. This giveaway has a bunch of really awesome beauty goodies that I love, including an amazing lip product from ButterLondon, mascaras, and more!

The giveaway will be open for one week and is international to everyone 18 years old or with parental consent. Thank you all so much for your constant support and good luck!

xoxo Kayla
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July Favorites + 2 Giveaways!

I loved July. It was a crazy month of wedding stuff, big decisions, and leaving my full time job to pursue self-employment. It was filled with a lot of beauty discoveries and a new planner entering my life as well. Plus I reached 10,000 subscribers! I'm hosting two giveaways in celebration so be sure to enter one or both!! Click the photos below to be taken to the blog posts with the giveaways!

I'm so excited to see where August takes me!

xoxo Kayla
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