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Desk Essentials

I'm well into my second week of self-employment and have settled quite nicely into the desk space Alex created for me in our living room. It's nothing fancy, just a corner table from IKEA, an Alex 9 Drawer, a shelf, and a Raskog cart (mostly for my planners). I've gotten quite cozy in my little space and wanted to share with you all my desk essentials.

At my old job, I used to drink water like crazy. It was a lot more difficult here in the first week as we can't drink the tap and have to lug water up the stairs weekly. We decided to become a legit work place and get water delivered to a water cooler we set up in our dining room. It's basically the greatest idea we've had in a while. Nice cool water just twenty steps away. This large pink cup is big so I get plenty of water, but the stray makes me feel like I'm not drinking as much as I actually am if that makes sense.

I also have a photo of us and my collection of My Little Pony figurines. These sat close to me at my other job and are kind of symbolic of my work place. Where they are is where I work. I feel like that's weird, but it was a bit to-do when I brought them home and placed them on this new desk. My vlogging camera is also close at hand as I vlog most days and don't want to keep having to pull the camera out every time I need it.

The self above the desk is definitely my favorite part about the entire set up. A little place to put all my trinkets and silly things. I have my growing collection of Season 3 Shopkins, some My Little Pony stuffed animals, and a few minions for good measure. This shelf always brightens my day and makes me so excited to be the quirky odd ball I am.

I also make sure to keep a sheet of the free downloadable file from my Oh, Hello Facebook Group. I like to use it to mark Oh, Hello related things in my planner, plus it's super pretty to look at. And we can't forget my two planners that are always out somewhere on my desk every day. My Erin Condren is for the bigger picture while I use the Day Designer for to do lists and day-to-day notes. I've really been enjoying my system and dare I say have found planner peace?

I'm sure my desk will change after a few months of work to be a bit more functional as Oh, Hello grows and changes, but right now it's my little piece of heaven.

xoxo Kayla

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