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FOREO ISSA Electronic Toothbrush

When the FOREO ISSA Electronic Toothbrush landed on my doorstep I was a bit skeptical. I mean look at it. It doesn't really look like your average electronic toothbrush. The design is gorgeous, sleek, and makes me feel so much fancier every morning and evening when I do the not-so glamorous teeth brushing routine. It has different speeds and let's you know after two minutes are up. It's super high-tech and hella fancy.

Yet I didn't really feel like my teeth were getting cleaner. I definitely could tell that my gums were getting the cleaning the needed, but the rubber bristles just did not feel like they were getting a day's worth of grime off of my teeth. It wasn't a bath teeth brushing experience, but I just couldn't get the vibrating bristles to work for me. Maybe it's because I'm not an electronic toothbrush user and my inexperience couldn't let me experience the brush to the fullest. It's such a cool product that I desperately wanted it to be a holy grail in seconds.

It's a toothbrush before it's time and I'm sure more will start coming out looking just as amazingly fancy in the future. But for now, a regular ol' toothbrush is good enough for me.

xoxo Kayla

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