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New Planner Bits

New planner bits are a common occurrence around these parts, but I felt the urge to share the most recent odds and ends as they're a bit more unique than the usual things.

I'm super excited for Sunday's new releases and thought a sneak peek was in order. A lot of awesome rainbow icon labels are headed to the shop and I can't wait to see how everyone uses there. I'm still obsessed with my blog post/YouTube duo and now I have even more to play with. There are currently six different sets being released, but a lot more coming down the pipes!

I finally got my metallic cover from Erin Condren after waiting over a month for the whole order to arrive. Mistakes were made in ordering this cover. I definitely wouldn't have if I would have known how much it would delay the rest of the order! It really is gorgeous though and I opted for my future initials rather than my current ones so I can keep using this cover after I officially change my name. Plus it makes me feel like I'm in school again scrawling my future name on a notebook or something.

I also got the new Erin Condren Coloring Book for Alex as I know he loves a good doodle session. Plus I can't resist a new Erin Condren product if my life depended on it. Something in me said I needed the Schedule Pad as well and it's so gorgeous in person. Plus it's HUGE. I'm really going to enjoy writing down notes really fast and using it for ideas throughout the week.

New planner goodies are my addiction! Have you picked up anything new recently?

xoxo Kayla

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