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Oh, Hello Subscription | October 2015

The October Subscription "Fall into Autumn" is by far my favorite subscription Oh, Hello has ever put out. We got in such a good designing groove and everything came out perfectly in sync and utterly beautiful. Plus autumn is my favorite season so we had to do it justice. It was such a big hit with the subscribers as well that I'm hoping November can keep to expectations for some seriously awesome subscriptions.

If you're interested in the subscription you can buy the sheets individually on our website!

I'm giving away an October subscription to one of you lovely readers who stick with this blog as it's going through some changes and trying to figure out how it fits into my life now! All the rules are as they have been. It's open internationally for one week to anyone 18-years-old or has parental consent!

Good luck!

xoxo Kayla
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Allure & butterLONDON's Arm Candy Collection

Fall has to be my favorite season for literally everything. Sweaters, scarves, chai lattes, and all things fall beauty. butterLONDON teamed up with Allure to bring one amazing Arm Candy Fall Collection that has me ready to cozy up with a cup of something hot and a good book.

My favorite shades in the collection have to be "I'm on the List" (bottom left) and "It's Vintage" (top right). They're such unique, autumn shades. "I'm on the List" is a dynamic rose gold metallic shade that is just done right. I haven't found a metallic shade anywhere like this one and it's exactly what I've been searching for. "It's Vintage" is one of those shades I can't really describe but can't get enough of. It's kind of like pumpkin pie hung out with caramel and brought in some all spice for some extra fun.

butterLONDON has some seriously killer polishes and this collection is no different. Now I just have to tell myself I don't need any more polishes!

xoxo Kayla
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Cicero Beauty Essential Brush Collection

Nothing gets me more excited than makeup brushes. It's crazy how much a good makeup brush can change the game and spice things up. The brush you use can really impact how your makeup ends up looking, so good brushes are a must. I've always been such a fan of MAC brushes, but couldn't wait to try another brand to see if they could compete.

The Cicero Essential Brush Collection came in a seriously impressive case that is sure to protect my brushes for years to come. Everything just feels quality. The brush handles are a shiny heavy feeling wood and the metal feels firmly attached. 

The bristles themselves are incredibly soft, yet bend and have a nice give to them. The selection in the set is amazing. The collection covers all your bases and I feel like for the price you can really have a complete brush collection without needing any extra additions. Of course, I'd always end up buying more as I have no self restraint when it comes to a good brush.

My favorite brushes are the large powder brush, the angled blush brush, the eye shadow brush, and the fluffy blender brushes. These four tend to be the brushes I use most often, and Cicero's offerings don't fail to impress. They apply makeup beautifully and are easy to clean to boot.

I'm super happy I was able to step out of my brush comfort zone and try a new brand! If you're interested in trying out these brushes, use coupon code "MICROSCOPEBEAUTY" for 10% off!

xoxo Kayla
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Lessons from August

  • It's ok to not know what's going to happen tomorrow
  • Being your own boss is just as challenging as it is rewarding
  • You have to take time for yourself
  • Self-employment work hours are never just 9-5
  • You can fall more in love than you already are
  • There is a difference between positive pressure and pushing yourself too hard
  • Turning off technology is good
xoxo Kayla
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Oh, Hello Subscription | September 2015

It's the first back to school season that I didn't really feel the pressure of. Now that I no longer work at the university, there really isn't a need to fuss over the first day of school anymore. That doesn't mean I didn't fuss over this month's subscription though! I wanted to create a back to school subscription that combined adulthood with the memories of childhood. From meeting stickers to keep us boring adults on track to some amazingly adorable decorative school stickers, going back to the classroom seems a lot more fun. 

This month's subscription marked the end to the old style of sending out subs. Now we're sending them out 4-5 days after the first of the month to make sure you get your stickers way before you'll need them. I know more than anyone how terrible it is to wait for stickers! So if you decide you want the next subscription going live on October 1st, you'll have it in a week or so!

I'm giving one September Subscription away to all of you! The giveaway is open internationally for one week to anyone 18-years-old or with parental consent. You know the deal by now! Good luck!

xoxo Kayla
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Beauty Simply

I wouldn't call it falling out of love with beauty, but more like falling in sync. Lately I've been keeping things so simple, and it has me wondering why I bothered to fuss up the process in the first place. Makeup has become easy, fluid, and perfect. I've finally found what works for me and it has me questioning whether or not it's worth keeping the troves of makeup I just haven't touched in months.

I'm strongly considering a clean out, a detox, and a fresh start. I'm not saying I'm done trying out new products or am not interested in the next big thing, but I think a fresh beginning is what my makeup life needs. I only reach for a dozen or so products anymore and the rest don't need to be cluttering up my drawers. I think a serious, intense look at my collection is in order. Keep what I love most and move on from the fades and lost loves.

I don't think I ever really wanted a fussy makeup routine. I was on the hunt for holy grail products to make me feel confident and make my life easier. Everything else is just noise. So here's to a new quest of perfecting my makeup collection. Out with the old and in with solid new products that rival the top dogs.

Now how to begin the great declutter....

xoxo Kayla
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