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Beauty Simply

I wouldn't call it falling out of love with beauty, but more like falling in sync. Lately I've been keeping things so simple, and it has me wondering why I bothered to fuss up the process in the first place. Makeup has become easy, fluid, and perfect. I've finally found what works for me and it has me questioning whether or not it's worth keeping the troves of makeup I just haven't touched in months.

I'm strongly considering a clean out, a detox, and a fresh start. I'm not saying I'm done trying out new products or am not interested in the next big thing, but I think a fresh beginning is what my makeup life needs. I only reach for a dozen or so products anymore and the rest don't need to be cluttering up my drawers. I think a serious, intense look at my collection is in order. Keep what I love most and move on from the fades and lost loves.

I don't think I ever really wanted a fussy makeup routine. I was on the hunt for holy grail products to make me feel confident and make my life easier. Everything else is just noise. So here's to a new quest of perfecting my makeup collection. Out with the old and in with solid new products that rival the top dogs.

Now how to begin the great declutter....

xoxo Kayla

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