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Cicero Beauty Essential Brush Collection

Nothing gets me more excited than makeup brushes. It's crazy how much a good makeup brush can change the game and spice things up. The brush you use can really impact how your makeup ends up looking, so good brushes are a must. I've always been such a fan of MAC brushes, but couldn't wait to try another brand to see if they could compete.

The Cicero Essential Brush Collection came in a seriously impressive case that is sure to protect my brushes for years to come. Everything just feels quality. The brush handles are a shiny heavy feeling wood and the metal feels firmly attached. 

The bristles themselves are incredibly soft, yet bend and have a nice give to them. The selection in the set is amazing. The collection covers all your bases and I feel like for the price you can really have a complete brush collection without needing any extra additions. Of course, I'd always end up buying more as I have no self restraint when it comes to a good brush.

My favorite brushes are the large powder brush, the angled blush brush, the eye shadow brush, and the fluffy blender brushes. These four tend to be the brushes I use most often, and Cicero's offerings don't fail to impress. They apply makeup beautifully and are easy to clean to boot.

I'm super happy I was able to step out of my brush comfort zone and try a new brand! If you're interested in trying out these brushes, use coupon code "MICROSCOPEBEAUTY" for 10% off!

xoxo Kayla

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