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ButterLONDON Shadow Clutch "Natural Charm" Palette

Guys. This palette. Holy crap on toast is it good.

When I first popped upon the gorgeous peacock feather packaging of the ButterLONDON Shadow Clutch "Natural Charm" Palette I was a bit skeptical. The packaging was lovely, but I still couldn't get past the fact that butterLONDON is known for nail polish and how could they possibly make a great palette? Man was I wrong.

The pigmentation is stunning and the shadows didn't crease or budge throughout the day. The color range is spectacular and better still you can pop out the original six shades and mix and match other colors from the range. The duos pictured here are Moody Blues (top) and Fancy Flutter (bottom). Create-your-own palette system? I'm definitely on board. Yet the colors that come in the original palette are too gorgeous together to really even bother with adding others in.

I love this palette. It's compact, packs a serious mirror, and even the brush that comes with it doesn't suck. I really need to stop thinking butterLONDON is a one trick pony and appreciate the genius behind the brand more. It's definitely worth a swatch the next time you pass a counter.

Excuse me while I browse their website drooling over a cosmetic range that's seriously divine.

xoxo Kayla

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