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Day Designer Daily/Monthly Planner

I've used this Day Designer Daily/Monthly Planner for a good four months now and feel like I really know how to make it work for my needs. You can find it on Amazon, but I bought mine at Target a couple of months ago.

I primarily use this planner for daily to do lists and planning out my days in detail. It's one of those bulky planners you just toss around, scribble random thoughts in, but depend on it like crazy. I use the hourly slots for blocking off chunks of time for certain projects. The To Do List is always packed full with lofty goals I usually have to transfer over to the next day.

It's a great planner if you don't care about your planner, but just want it to work. It gives me everything I need in a toss around planner while still helping me feel productive and on task. All good things in my book.

Of course I'd always recommend the Erin Condren Life Planner above all other things, this really is a great option too.

xoxo Kayla

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