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How to Deal with Holiday Stress

I know I know. It's not even Halloween yet but let me tell you, the holiday stress is already upon our household. There's still this illusion among our family members that because we work from home, we have all the time in the world for trips and adventures. The holiday stress is real and I've come up with a few helpful ways to make it a little less of a headache.

  • Start planning early. The earlier the better. It's not even November yet and I'm pushing our families to tell us when and where they'd like us to be for various holiday activities. Knowing what's on the horizon makes it easier to plan ahead.
  • Make to do lists and then make to do lists for your to do lists. If you're like us, you'll be taking a trip this holiday season. With that being said, work still needs to happen so to do lists are best friends. Once I know when and where we need to be, I work back from those dates to make sure all the work can be done before we leave.
  • Participate in traditions to help calm you down. Nothing relieves stress like putting up our Christmas tree or baking cookies with my family. Sure I could be using that time for something else work related, but I need those special moments to feel sane and make it all worth while.
  • Ask for help if you're swamped at work or need an extra hand to get things done. Friends and family will be there to help, definitely during the months where giving back is so important.
  • Remember why you do it. Regardless of what you do, remember why you do it in the first place. Alex and I bust our butts every day so we can have those relaxed times with friends and family. Work for work's sake is exhausting. 
  • Don't forget it'll be over soon and you'll be left with a messy kitchen, but it won't last forever. The holiday season passes just as quickly as it springs up on all of us. So appreciate the special moments through the chaos because it'll be over before you know it.
Although I'm stressed, this list makes it that much easier to stay focused and beat the holiday stress!

How do you fight holiday stress?

xoxo Kayla

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