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Organized Home, Organized Mind

Every few months or so I get on this kick that I can't be happy unless my home is clean, organized, and everything has its place. Sadly this feeling fades after a few weeks and I slip back into a life of chaos and messes, but for those brief days I can really accomplish a lot. Lately our apartment has been feeling smaller and smaller. Filled more with products for the business than anything else, it really isn't feeling like our home any more. We're in the works of figuring out a living situation for us after our lease is up next fall, but until then I'm on a quest for peace inside our ever shrinking apartment.

The biggest thing I've realized apart from the business growing at an alarming rate, is that we personally have too much stuff. I had too much makeup, I still have too many clothes and there is just piles popping up here and there of things that we honestly don't really need.

I definitely believe that an organized home leads to an organized mind, but where do you find the time to make that a priority? I much rather make a video or create a new sticker sheet than sit and go through our closets. So how do you do it? How do you motivate yourself to do the things you know will bring you more peace in the end?

xoxo Kayla

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