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Brand Overview: butterLONDON + Giveaway

It was about time I gave butterLONDON the full attention it deserved on this blog. I've really gotten to know the brand over the past six months beyond just nail polish and it's definitely worth giving a once over the next time you're browsing the interwebs.

Let's get what butterLONDON is known for the best out of the way first. Their nail polishes are the best I've ever tried (in my limited polish experience tbh). Their creamy, pigmented, and long lasting. Plus the color range is insane and the packaging makes you feel super fancy. Always a perk in my awkward, unfancy book.

What really makes butterLONDON a brand to be reckoned with is their makeup. It's definitely underrated by most, but can hold its own against a lot of the big name brands in quality and style. The Shadow Clutch Palette in "Natural Charm" has to be my favorite product I've tried from them. I've done a full write-up about this gorgeous customizable palette a week or so ago, so definitely check it out for a better look at this bad boy. To give the two-cent summary, it's pigmented, long-lasting, and the shade options all work like a dream together. The mirror is massive, the packaging well thought out, and a palette I've reached for more than any other since it joined my collection.

Another favorite has to be the Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons. Another product that has gotten its own feature a few weeks back, these are just seriously stellar lip pencils. They're creamy, pigmented, hydrating, and even come with their own built in sharpener. butterLONDON really thinks out their products and gives them a style I haven't seen in the beauty world in quite a while.

Their mascaras are alright, but I still find the drugstore alternatives better options. You just can't beat a drugstore mascara in my book. The WINK Eye Pencil in "Union Jack Black" however is a great dark navy/black eye pencil that's creamy and easy to use. I haven't been one for eye pencils as of late, but this would be the one I reach for when I'm back in the habit again.

Overall I love this brand. They're constantly surprising me with clever packaging, great products, and a style I can get behind. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

I want to share the butterLONDON love with one of you! You'll win a bunch of nail polishes along with some lip crayons and a lovely eye pencil. The giveaway is US only and will go for one week. 18-years-old or with parental consent to enter!

Definitely give butterLONDON's makeup a chance and good luck with the giveaway!

xoxo Kayla

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