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I Stopped Reading Other Blogs. Here's Why I'm Back At It Again

For about four months now I haven't read a single blog post besides a quick reread of the ones I've posted. I completely stopped reading other blogs despite the fact that it was a huge part of my daily routine for nearly three years. It was almost overnight in fact. I woke up one morning and stopped logging into Bloglovin'. 

I stopped reading them because Oh, Hello started taking over my life (in a good way). I felt like I didn't need the "distraction" or "time waster" in my life when there were so many other things I could be working on. I felt the desire to "keep up with the Jones'" and I wasn't getting anything substantial from other blogs.

But I'm back at it again. Lately I've felt something missing. I've been on the hunt for creative non-sticker related outlets to keep my life interesting and to help me feel more complex. I don't really feel creative anymore and haven't found inspiration in a while. I've gotten to the point where I can call upon what inspiration I have within at a moment's notice, but things just felt stagnant. So today I logged into my Bloglovin' account again. I started scrolling through hundreds of unread blog posts I've missed in the past few months and I felt a surprising sense of calm. Usually I would be overwhelmed by the number of things I have available to read, but I felt something else completely. As I scrolled I felt like I was meeting up with old friends, I felt calm, and I felt inspiration and creativity bubbling.

The thing about reading other blogs isn't about stealing ideas or doing something someone else has already done. It's about taking parts of ideas and blending them together to create something altogether new. Reading other blogs shouldn't stifle creativity, but act as a jumping off point for more creative ideas and adventures.

I've missed this. Taking a break from my ever-growing to do list to do something for myself. Sure there's always the chance that I'll waste thirty minutes and nothing will come from it, but at the very least I'm letting my mind wander. And why not wonder in the creative works of some brilliant people?

xoxo Kayla

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