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Kushyfoot Tights

Kushyfoot Tights

Working from home doesn't require many dress up days, so when I get the chance to pop on a dress for an actual reason, I go all out. Michigan's officially in winter mode so tights are a must. I had the opportunity to test out some of Kushyfoot's tights recently when Alex's family and I went to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas. At first I thought, "heck these are just tights I'm sure they'll be fine," but there's actually a noticeable difference between these tights and other brands.

I wore the Shaping Tights for the entire day and by the end of it I was seriously in love. The tights were such high quality; thick, but breathable. You know when you buy a cheap pair of tights and they just seem thin? These felt so much nicer. I didn't worry about runs or tears like I usually do because they were just, better. The shaping effect I was a bit worried about, but I felt secure and knew my tights weren't going to get loose throughout the day and slide around. I can't really comment on how "shaping" they really were as I tend to have a very, unchangeable shape, but I loved everything about them.

I can't wait to keep testing out all the other types of tights from Kushyfoot. I never thought I'd become brand loyal for things like socks and tights, but these guys really know what they're doing.

xoxo Kayla

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