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Why I'm Not Crazy About the MAMBI 365 Happy Planner

MAMBI 365 Happy Planner Review

MAMBI 365 Happy Planner Review

MAMBI 365 Happy Planner Review

MAMBI 365 Happy Planner Review

MAMBI 365 Happy Planner Review

MAMBI 365 Happy Planner Review

There is so much about the MAMBI 365 Happy Planner that I do enjoy, but at the end of the day I'm just not crazy about it. Call me a planner snob (pretty sure I am one) or what have you, but at the end of the day the cons outweigh the pros with this one.

Although I love the quotes, fun details, and the handy page before the start of each month for birthdays, etc. It's too dang flimsy. I beat my planners up. I drag them around with me and demand a lot of wear and tear yet the Happy Planner flops around and makes me nervous. If you just want a desk planner, then this could be quite the good option. But for an out and about gal like myself, I want something sturdier.

I just don't feel as inspired when I look at the happy planner like I do with other planners. It doesn't illicit big ideas or grand thoughts of the future. It's just a planner. Which is totally fine for like 99% of the population. But for me, I want the whole experience. It is my livelihood after all.

The cover feels cheap and homemade in a way that doesn't bring about much confidence. I am quite a fan of the arc system of rings however and it makes it so you can add and remove inserts with ease. The pages themselves feel thick, but the cover makes it obvious it won't do much to protect them.

It's an affordable alternative to the Erin Condren and overall will check a lot of boxes for someone on the market. It's customizable, fits a lot of the stickers made for Erin Condren planners, it's big with plenty of space, and is on average a very desirable planner. Yet for me the hype ended once I had one in my possession.

What do you think about the MAMBI Happy Planner?

xoxo Kayla

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