I’m definitely an on and off again morning person. I can go months with waking up super early and then suddenly can barely pull myself out of bed at a normal hour. I’ve found that these five morning habits help make every morning a good one and ultimately make me more productive throughout the day.
  1. Don’t start the day with social media, or checking your phone. Give yourself some time to wake up before diving straight into the internet/work load for the day. Bombarding yourself with so much information so early could easily start your day off on the wrong foot.
  2. Practice a morning skincare routine, even if it’s just a few steps. You’ll not only end up looking more awake, but you’ll feel better knowing your skin is clean and not starting the day of gunked up with makeup from the day before.
  3. Eat something for breakfast, even if it’s just something small. Starting your day off with a bit of food jump starts your metabolism and keeps you from becoming hangry.
  4. Drink a glass of water. Seriously. 
  5. Give yourself time and don’t wake up with just enough minutes to rush through your morning routine and fly out the door. Even waking up just 15 minutes earlier can make a huge difference. If you start your day off calm, chances are the rest of the day will follow similarly. Why not try to give yourself the best possible advantage?
Mornings get a bad rep, but they can be great quiet times to reflect, focus, and prepare for the day. These five steps are just a few of the really easy ways to make your mornings start off better and get you in the perfect position to have an amazing day.
xoxo Kayla