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Remember Why You Started

Time is a funny, funny thing. It has a way of mucking about with goals and plans and suddenly you find yourself a few years down the road with your mind all over the place and no real direction. I've been feeling like that a lot lately. This kind of lost sense of going through the motions. Specifically with this blog and my YouTube channel.

I've been blogging and making videos for so long that I've lost sight of why I started. It's easy to do and it's no one's fault really. But through this loss of sight I realized others might be going through the same thing. So I thought I'd write about it.

It's so easy to get caught up in the politics and the rat race. Trying to get followers, trying to write engaging posts that catch attention and gets views, to make catchy titles to attract people in. The list goes on and on and suddenly you're where I'm at, trying to go back to the beginning. I never thought I'd be wildly successful on the internet. Sure, like anyone I hoped it would happen (people are lying if they say they've never thought about it). But after the first four years of YouTube and a year of the blog it really wasn't about getting popular anymore because I honestly wasn't. Which I'm really quite thankful now that my online presence is starting to get traction.

It's because of those literally years of no feedback that I remained humble and honest to why I really started blogging and making videos. And more importantly why I kept making them and despite little to no response. I found myself blogging and making videos because I enjoyed it and I wanted to do it for myself. Ironically that's when things started (slowly) happening. It's because I remembered why I started, and why I kept going, that I found happiness in what I was doing. I think people can sense that. People can see from behind their computers that what you're making is honestly just because you like doing it. That's when the magic really happens.

So remember why you started doing whatever it is that you've lost sight of. It'll likely boil down to passion. You enjoy doing it. And if you don't, then stop doing it. It's that simple really.

xoxo Kayla

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