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The Top 5 My-Lips-But-Better Lipsticks

The Top 5 My-Lips-But-Better Lipsticks

The Top 5 My-Lips-But-Better Lipsticks

It should be a sin how many "different but similar" lipsticks I have. Every time I'm lipstick browsing I manage to bring home a shade that's my lips, bust slightly different. It's either a gift or a curse, but regardless I'm bringing you the five best my-lips-but-better lipsticks to bring your pout to a whole new level.

Let's start out going left to right with the least MLBB shade that's still close enough to the shade range that I figured it appropriate. Plus it's the lipstick I've gotten the most compliments while wearing. Always a good thing. MAC's "See Sheer" is a subtly reddish pink shade that looks so dang natural in the spring and summer. Heck it looks great all year 'round, but it brightens up the complexion without trying to hard.

Now the two Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks I swear look different on the lips. Promise. "Fiend" is a bit more pink while "Rush" is literally the exact same shade as my lips. I just love this formula so much I couldn't resist featuring them both. They're creamy, thick (in a good way), and last ages without needing a touch up. Plus the color range is quite something if you want to venture beyond MLBB shades unlike myself.

The darkest of the group is butterLONDON's "Teddy Boy." It's incredibly creamy to the point of being sort of wet when first applied, but isn't sticky and dries down nicely to a stain. It's a great handbag product for easy applications on the go. It doesn't last super long, but I don't mind touching up from time to time.

I couldn't write a lipstick post without including MAC's "Plumful." It's one of those classically perfect shades that's purple in all the right sort of ways. It's subtle enough for every day wear but really brings together a look and makes it that much better.

What are your my lips but better shades?

xoxo Kayla

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