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5 Habits to Get Into to Become a Great Blogger

5 Habits to Get Into to Become a Great Blogger

Blogging is more than just photographs, text, publish, repeat. It takes dedication, creativity, and a passion to keep at it regardless of what challenges come your way. Blogging takes some getting used to and these five habits are great ones to adopt to become even better at it.

  1. Brainstorm like crazy when the mood arises so when you have a creativity drought you aren't hurting for content. If you feel a few good blog post ideas coming on, listen. Take the time to sit down and follow the thought process. You never know when the idea train won't deliver and you'll be happy to have a list already ready and waiting.
  2. Take batch photos and edit them at the same time. Taking photos all at once has so many advantages that it's almost a blogging sin not to do it. You only have to set up a few times a month, you can take advantage of good lighting, and editing is a breeze because your camera settings are the same for all your photos. Save yourself the trouble and get into batch photography sessions.
  3. Blog outside your comfort zone and don't stick to one topic. People aren't static and neither is your blog. Just because your blog is mostly about beauty doesn't mean you can't throw a book or lifestyle post into the mix. Plus variety keeps blogging interesting for you and your readers.
  4. Celebrate small victories and accomplishments. Maybe you posted five days this week instead of the usual three. That's awesome and you should take the time to give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back. Challenge yourself in little ways and make it a big deal when you accomplish them. Maybe you want to take better lit photos or want to write more in-depth quality pieces rather than rushed ones. Whatever it is, push yourself and praise yourself too.
  5. Stop comparing your blog to others' because no blog is alike. Take value in your work regardless of what other people are doing. When you stop worrying about what other people are doing you can put all your focus into your personal blog to make it the best it can be.
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