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Five Ways to Squash Self-Doubt

Five Ways to Squash Self-Doubt

There's nothing like a bit of self-doubt to put you in a funk and ruin your productivity. Self-doubt is so easy to feel these days with social media keeping you up to date on every detail of everyone's lives. Now I love social media so much that I could never honestly recommend going cold turkey in order to keep the doubt at bay. So here are five other ways to squash your self-doubt one step at a time.

  1. Acknowledge that what you see on social media isn't always the truth. Does someone have the perfect kitchen that's always spotless? What you don't see is the mess piled up behind the photos or know that they spend a good hour every day keeping it that way. Being honest with yourself and rationally thinking about how each Instagram photo came to be can help put things into perspective. Life isn't covered in an Instagram filter and trying to make it that way will only make you miserable.
  2. Know your worth and things that you excel at. Self-doubt has a way of creeping in when we're feeling less than others in certain things. Yet you're probably great at so many other things that you aren't taking stock of. Just because you aren't good at interior designing does not take away from your baking skills or vast knowledge of literature. Take pride in what you're good at and understand you can't be great at everything.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people who are good at different skills and bring new ideas to the table. Having positive, creative people in your corner can help you brainstorm past self doubt and lend a hand when you really aren't sure where to go next in a project.
  4. Know that you aren't alone. Sure this may not mean much when the self-doubt becomes crippling. But literally everyone feels doubt at some point. It's completely natural to worry and wonder how to be better. Just don't let it consume you to the point where you don't even try.
  5. Fight past it because self-doubt is usually just the fear of failure. Try anyway. The worst that can happen is it doesn't turn out, but at least you tried rather than worry yourself into a corner.
Self-doubt sucks and I definitely feel it from time to time, but these tips help me to regain focus and keep going regardless of worry or fear. More often than not my self-doubt was unjustified and I made a big fuss over nothing. Trust me, you got this.

xoxo Kayla

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