How I Blog 5 Days a Week & Run an At Home Business
Blogging and stationery are my two hobbies, they just also happen to be two parts to this whole “working from home” thing I’ve been doing for the past six months. There are definitely some challenges to juggling two very different, yet intertwined things, but here’s how you can do it too.
  • Plan ahead. I take my love of stationery and plan ahead like a crazy person. I have a least a month’s worth of blog posts scheduled out on sticky notes. It leaves room to move things around if I need to add in posts or remove things, but also gives me peace of mind knowing that I won’t have to scramble to figure out blog posts.
  • Batch photography is the best thing ever. Since I plan ahead with blog posts so much, I can take two to three weeks worth of photos at the same time. That way I don’t have to constantly bring out the camera and set things up. Plus I can edit my photos all at once and save time there too.
  • Combining both passions together is honestly the easiest way to stick to a rigorous blogging schedule while still being able to accomplish weekly to do lists. I blog about the business, planner decorating, and stationery. Plus why not combine the things you love together in one happy family?
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to blog every single day. Sometimes I just miss a day, and that’s ok. Rather than beating myself up over it I start the next day more motivated than ever to get a good quality blog post up.
  • Prioritize your time and know which thing is more important. Although blogging is my original passion, the business is our bread and butter. Knowing what you should spend your time on over what you want to spend your time on will make sure you’re getting what you need to done if there’s a time crunch.
Blogging doesn’t have to be a chore or something you can no longer do once you get busy. These steps are how I stay on top of my priorities while still managing to do what I love.
xoxo Kayla