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Make Up Forever Ulta HD Foundation Packs a Punch

Make Up Forever Ulta HD Foundation Review and Look

Make Up Forever Ulta HD Foundation Review and Look

But like, in a good way. I've been on quite the existential foundation journey and/or crisis these past couple of weeks. I more or less stumbled into it and now have tried out a good handful of new foundations including the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation. Here are the details.

After testing out a few different shades I settled on 125 for when I'm super pale and I think 140 will work well for the summer, tanner months. I'd say it lands somewhere in the middle of all the foundation scales. It's in the middle of heavy to light coverage with the option to build it up or sheer it out. It's also not matte, but not dewy either. I would just round it off to a satin finish, but it's not quite that either. Whatever finish it is, it's a good one. It feels hydrating on the skin, not too heavy and definitely not cakey in the slightest. 

Plus it lasts a good six to eight hours and even  longer with a setting spray to keep all the good stuff in place. And a quick note on the packaging. It's everything you want in a foundation. Good quality pump, nice glass bottle. Sleek and to the point.

The marketing claims that it looks flawless on film and to the naked eye, and I definitely think it just about reaches those claims. It's lovely on camera, blends in smoothly like it's almost not there, and looks awesome in photographs without any powder needed.

If you've read Microscope Beauty for a while then you know I'm quick to shy away from foundations, but this one is oh so worth it. It's such a great everyday foundation that covers all you want to cover while still letting your skin shine through. Two thumbs up from this girl.

Have you tried the Make Up For Ever foundation?

xoxo Kayla

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