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The 5 Best Things I Did for My Business in 2015

The 5 Best Things I Did for My Business in 2015

2015 was a huge year for Oh, Hello Stationery Co. We went through some very big changes, but there are five things that stand out as the best things I could have possibly done for my business in 2015.

  1. I took my business seriously. This was incredibly hard to do for someone so straight-edged. I had a great job doing marketing at a university and a clear "normal" path of success. Although it was the best job, I knew it wasn't the holy grail job for me. I took the risky choice to take my silly stationery business seriously and it's paid off. Taking it seriously meant I devoted more time to it, took bigger risks, and put myself in a sink-or-swim situation. When I started taking Oh, Hello serious, it got serious.
  2. I took advice from other people. Specifically from Alex. He's completely different from me in nearly all things, but I shook away my need to be in control of everything and really listened to his opinions. He suggested we branch out from just stickers with our own website and has now created reoccurring subscriptions. Taking advice really isn't my strong suit, but my business wouldn't be anything like it is now without doing so.
  3. I branched out. Thanks to Alex's advice, we started selling washi tape and other stationery supplies. We removed all our eggs from one product basket and have seen a huge upswing in our audience and success. Even the best companies know they can't just sell one really good product, but should sell different types of really good products.
  4. I asked for help. When things got too crazy, family stuff got in the way, or I just couldn't handle the work load, I asked for help. One of my very best friends has come through for us time and time again to help finish orders, work on cutting stickers, and help keep our sanity. Knowing when it's time to ask for help was a huge lesson learned in 2015.
  5. I created the Facebook group. Another suggestion from Alex, we decided to start a Facebook group. The group exploded to become over 3,000 strong filled with lovely, kind people. We gave ourselves a name (Hellogians) and a community unlike anything I could have ever imagined happened. A community I'll talk about more in future posts, but one that really is the true success of our business.
2016 has kicked off at warp speed and I'm hanging on already. It's going to be an amazing year with a lot of opportunities for change. Now it's just up to me to seize them.

xoxo Kayla

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